Thursday, 22 December 2016

why i'm doing this?

Now I already in Bali, staying for a couple of days and tomorrow night my flight depart.
and last night I watch another episode of paguyban meeting
and the last episode is about migrating to Jakarta.
and that makes me think, to write down whyI'm taking a gap year.
if people taking a master degree, the answer is clear. to study.
all this time if someone asked me why?
I always answer it with "jalan-jalan aja"
actually, it's more beyond that.
I want to find myself in this "journey"

I will admit there is something wrong with me mentally.
I'm a cynical,
I'm a pessimism
I always seeing everything will gonna turn bad, like there is no hope
and that's not good.
I hope this "journey" is also a therapy for myself
to bring back the old days, where I really believe in human, in kindness.
to believe in me again
to have bigger faith.
to have nothing but faith. And that's everything,
to overcome my fear.
to learn more about true compassionate and sincere.
to say good morning without no one thinking "cari muka"
to become no one in nowhere
to become a minority
to live with multicultural people
to meet people with dreams
to earn some money  so I can do another thing.
and the last.
to fall and stand up again.
wish me luck.

"why not taking master degree then? you are wasting your time"
well, I still don't find the reason to take a master degree.
so far, everything that I want to learn is available online.
maybe later I will have a reason, maybe.
but for now, this is the best path for me.