Monday, 8 February 2016


Here comes the last semester of my college life, the 8th semester. Well I’m so not ready for this ,2016 is full of fighting especially this semester. I must finish my final project + prepared my after graduate programmed things (It still secret, please please just wish me luck). I’m so nervous, I mean like this semester is totally a big thing and I only have one shot, so I must do it fucking great.

But we have to enjoy something while it lasts, right? I couldn’t imagine in a couple of month or maybe year maybe i cannot see the people I usually see today. But yeah life must go on, just enjoy, living in the moment and keep on track.

Actually I want to cite a quote about life but I forget the word exactly I see it on my line timeline, but the point of the quote is life is going to happen like what you think it would, in a subconscious way.

I still remember to the days that I pray for wanted a happy life, it was when I’m in high school. A simple happy life like in how I met your mother my favorite TV series. And now after several years, I feel like I’m half way of it.  A lovely family check, a bunch of charming good friends check and a lover check. The only things I should obtain next is graduate and find a good sustainable career. 

But then I realized,

Life is more than that, more than just happy. It should be a meaningful too. I’m picturing andi taufan or ridwan kamil or the ceo of gojek or anyone who make this world a little bit better.  So today wherever I pray, I pray for a meaningful and joyful life.