Wednesday, 28 October 2015

o human.

i do not understand with people,with human.
why they are so selfish and greedy?
well not all people like that.
but most of people i see lyke that.
i have been living for 21 years.

i see conflict.
a conflict between 2 country.
fighting for oil or another natural resources.
so they can have more money.
to buy gun and invade another country.

i see conflict between human too.
fighting for power.
so they can control to the things that mostly related to money.
more money,
more things he can buy,
to impress people.

i feel,
there is some people out there that more happy if some people live in poverty.
and others live with glitters and gold.

don't you think our human life is so freaking miserable.

why,why sometimes the poor people gives more than the rich?
is it because they are more know and understand?
how it feels to starve all day?
how it feels to be homeless?
how it feels to have nothing but faith?
if it yes,maybe all peoples should feel how it feels to be poor first before they become rich.

every people should learn,
how it feels to have nothing but faith.

but of course we do not have to be poor to care to others.
if only we are more compassionate to others.
if only we use more heart.
if only we give a little love to everything.
if only....................

and the last,here is a song that describe current mood.