Saturday, 11 January 2014

fucked up


“the worst feeling is being rejected”

“the feeling when we don't get,what we want”

”that disappointed feeling”

well nowadays,there are no social media that the user really tell about what they feel. like when everybody still in Friendster,they tell when they are happy,lonely,angry, or even they tell the world that they want to suicide. its crazy but i really miss that time,where people really honest in social media. now days,we are always act strong in social media,like we are always happy. and when i found people tell when they are sad,people will judge them,making fun about it.

and now ,i really get why Allah create things called family. because life can be so lonely,and being love & loving was our basic needs. love was the greatest gift from Allah,and because it ,i more realize about people that i saw in the street,especially when they are walking alone in middle of the night. maybe it same with like,you know the feeling when you woke up and you only found yourself,it was AAAAH  (you will find this feeling if you are living alone in kosan and you don't have any good friend in there)  but its okay,Allah is always there. always,there are floor to pray. but,i still need things that are visible too.

so,please,please,please. let me get one.