Friday, 22 November 2013

the art of living

sometimes life feels so hard.especially now in college. it’s feels like it’s getting harder everyday. mechanical fluid,thermodynamic,material processing and blablabla .every semester the name of the subject is getting cool but also more freaky. to escape from all of those thing,I doing some thing and I call it the art of it is

  • Dress for fun. I love to play with colors,matching the shirt trouser ,sock and the shoes. fashion was fun.
  • Playing with photo. I love editing photo. once again,I love to play with colors. that’s why sometimes before I upload an album to facebook I edit it first,one by one even there are hundred photos. and also yeah,I do instagram.
  • Scrobbling make me fall in love again with music. listening to music was never being this fun. you can connect to the other people based on music compatibility. actually I have heard and know about since high school but I just never tried it before. until one day I bored in kosan and I try it,yap its good. and the people was so friendly its like people on friendster.
  • Reading a Book. reading the things you like its good. I interested to learn about economic,I know its sound weird,but I'm serious I buy a book about islamic banking. I don’t know its like my escape from engineering student.

IMG_3046 (2000x3000).jpg_effected