Saturday, 12 October 2013

unique island

Location: Sempu Island, Indonesia
in last minute before semester break over,I take trip to sempu with total 16 people include me. it was a long trip with motorcycle and we must walk about 1 hour to get into campground,but sure it was fun and worth it.
IMG_6364 (3000x2250).jpg_effected
capture this photo from the boat on the way to the island. when we back home,we saw dolphin! but unfortunately when I want to take the photo,they were gone.
IMG_6371 (3000x2250).jpg_effectedIMG_6389 (3000x2250).jpg_effectedIMG_6393 (3000x2250).jpg_effectedIMG_6433 (2048x1536).jpg_effected
view from the cliff,sempu was a quite unique beach. the sound of the wave when hit the cliff was so relaxing.
IMG_6391 (3000x2250).jpg_effectedIMG_6376 (3000x2250).jpg_effected
another view from the cliff,you can see a peacefull beach and the campground.
IMG_6398 (3000x2250).jpg_effectedIMG_6400 (3000x2250).jpg_effectedIMG_6442 (3000x2250).jpg_effected
white sand and yes in the night,we sleep under the sky full of star.
Some tips.
  • best time to visit sempu was in summer.
  • don’t forget to bring fresh water. 1 people = 2x1.5 liter water
  • bring bread ,if you want easy. but I suggest you to bring rice and buy fish before you cross the sea (there are fish market) and grill it in the beach,don’t forget to bring knife.
  • you can rent a tent in malang
  • i spend about 100k IDR