Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sad Post


Dear Future Faris,

when you get sad you should stop being sad immediately.

when you just suddenly sad,go buy an ice cream or a chocolate. or go to museum,or just go out.

when you just miss people because you look to old photos and start being sad,stop. go thanks to Allah for having them in your life.

when you feel alone ,go find your friend,and just  don’t be alone. just go out and meet someone new,throw your smile to the world. 

when you feel disappointed,maybe you are not doing things for Allah ,you are not sincere,you are not zero. you doing things because you want people thinking something about you,so blame your self for not being sincere to Allah.

when you are feel tired about the world,remember that Allah is always there,to help you. keep your Faith,and don’t let your fear grow bigger than your faith.

Faris Katili