Friday, 11 October 2013

Canon Photo Marathon 2013

Location: Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
On the end of September (28/9/13) I join canon photo marathon it was a photography contest held canon and I was a finalist but when they announce the winner I'm still on the way so I was disqualified.

actually I'm not sign up for the race,I was replacing Adi Mas Nizar,he was my college friend. actually it should be Adi and Anang who joining the competition,but because the day of before the contest begin Adi was sick,and anang ask me to replacing adi because adi had already pay for the contest 150k idr and yap,I accept it,why not? I don’t have nothing to do and I never join photo contest before.

on the day,when I ask the staff. it can’t be replace,I mean I can’t turn the name from Adi mas nizar to my name. so I keep using Adi mas nizar,and yeah I'm a “joki” and breaking the rule,haha. that’s why I was back to pick up Adi instead of waiting the announce with anang. but so bad I was still on the way. maybe it was the best for me,Allah doesn’t want I'm lying. it’s the way Allah protecting me.

it was a rally photo,and the topic is “Spirit” and “Harmonization” you only have 1 hour and can only submit 1 photo for each topic
I submit this for Spirit

this woman on the photo was a 70 y/o ,she recently win out a gymnastics contest in malang.Wow ,don’t you think it was cool? even if she was old but still have the spirit,and she told me that the only thing she complain about is “asam urat”
I submit this for Harmonization and this photo taken as a finalist. I promise someday I will gift a copy of this photo

Another photo and the story behind it


this photo was taken by Ibu rt


this woman was selling egg white, she get egg white from the bakery shop and sell it to the market. she can get 300k - 400k idr in month, before the crisis she can get 500-600k in month. she complain that actually she want to process the egg white into a cake and sell it,so she can make bigger profit. and she said she need 200k idr.

and this is her husband,he was a parking man. he only got +/- 15k in a day. he tell me ,actually he want to selling coffee with a bike. he said he need 3000k idr to start the business and can get +/- 90k in a day. I forgot about the kid, I confused it was his child or his grandchildren,haha.




boring,don’t know what to capture. doesn’t get any inspiration


so now, I'm collecting money from selling bubble pop to help the egg white woman. soon,i will make a deal,I'm thinking about sharing profit.