Wednesday, 29 June 2011


If someone doesn't like you, ask to borrow their pencil. It's a cool psychological trick that will make them like you more.
If you're with a group and make everyone laugh, look around and see who's looking at you. That person is attracted to you! 

Having a conversation with someone & not sure if they're interested? Fold your arms. If they do the same, they probably are. 

If you want to do something, don't ask -- suggest. Instead of "want do this?" say "Hey, let's do this."

If you want to get information out of someone, create an awkward silence - it'll make people open up, just to break it. 

When you first meet someone, say their name as many times as you can. It'll help you remember it + make them like you more. 

People love to talk about themselves. Ask questions, & it'll make you seem more interesting to them, without doing anything! 

Pay attention to the subtle things in life, like body language, nature, and design. It'll make you more aware. 

Do random acts of kindness for other people when you get the opportunity. It'll make you a better person + happier. 

Act happy and others will want to be with you. People love happy people because they want to be happy themselves. 

Simple but true: Smile and it'll make you happy. Try it. 

Some basics: Never let small things bother you, learn to say no to things you don't want, & cut negative people out of your life. 

Exercise or get out often - even random walks. Sun and fresh air keeps you happy and energized.