Wednesday, 12 January 2011


well after some month,im not post anything. so whats going on?

1. class : yeah im still with XI IPA C ,its mean its almost 1 year with bobby my chairmate. and i;m so happy in this class.
2. i just bought IPod Touch 4 or should i call it iPhone 4 because i have Esia? i can text and call someone with my esia and facetime with my ipod.Soooo happy :D
3 i got a rusty bag as (late) birthday prize,cenenggg bengeudhh

well,so whats again? hmm now so many rumor about mark zuckerberg will shut down facebook on March 15,we dont know about the truth but we should prepare it by download all of photo of us.

if you want download all of your photos you should using photo grabber,its really easy (iklan)
download photo grabber