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Saturday, 22 October 2016

dream home

Jadi karena belakangan banyak menghabiskan dirumah dan merasa tidak produktif maka kepikiran buat aktif menulis. Dan karena bingung mau nulis tentang apa kemudian belakangan lagi iseng bgt liat-liat harga rumah dan tanah di jakarta. Maka memutuskan untuk bercerita tentang rumah impian!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

wild mind

finally, i'm graduated as a marine engineer.
don't ask about how i feel,off course im happy but sad or sad but happy.
the question is what will i remember most?

so many things happen during my college years that shaped me who i am today.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

drown in peaceful.

there is a side of Youtube that i love very much
it very sad yet very beautiful
it make yourself calm
once you in i think ,you will be trapped in there
its like you are drowning in sadness
if you are a melancholy person you will love it very much and also hate it
(for being always sad,its very dangerous)

i love going to this side
when the world doesn't go as i planned
when the world try to bring me down
when i feel like don't have friend by my side
when i just want to drown myself in blue.

the song its perfect for that kind of thing
and the picture mostly represent about depressed and messy life.
and i wanna show you what currently i love to hear,here it is ,enjoy.

you are welcome.

Monday, 8 February 2016


Here comes the last semester of my college life, the 8th semester. Well I’m so not ready for this ,2016 is full of fighting especially this semester. I must finish my final project + prepared my after graduate programmed things (It still secret, please please just wish me luck). I’m so nervous, I mean like this semester is totally a big thing and I only have one shot, so I must do it fucking great.

But we have to enjoy something while it lasts, right? I couldn’t imagine in a couple of month or maybe year maybe i cannot see the people I usually see today. But yeah life must go on, just enjoy, living in the moment and keep on track.

Actually I want to cite a quote about life but I forget the word exactly I see it on my line timeline, but the point of the quote is life is going to happen like what you think it would, in a subconscious way.

I still remember to the days that I pray for wanted a happy life, it was when I’m in high school. A simple happy life like in how I met your mother my favorite TV series. And now after several years, I feel like I’m half way of it.  A lovely family check, a bunch of charming good friends check and a lover check. The only things I should obtain next is graduate and find a good sustainable career. 

But then I realized,

Life is more than that, more than just happy. It should be a meaningful too. I’m picturing andi taufan or ridwan kamil or the ceo of gojek or anyone who make this world a little bit better.  So today wherever I pray, I pray for a meaningful and joyful life.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

o human.

i do not understand with people,with human.
why they are so selfish and greedy?
well not all people like that.
but most of people i see lyke that.
i have been living for 21 years.

i see conflict.
a conflict between 2 country.
fighting for oil or another natural resources.
so they can have more money.
to buy gun and invade another country.

i see conflict between human too.
fighting for power.
so they can control to the things that mostly related to money.
more money,
more things he can buy,
to impress people.

i feel,
there is some people out there that more happy if some people live in poverty.
and others live with glitters and gold.

don't you think our human life is so freaking miserable.

why,why sometimes the poor people gives more than the rich?
is it because they are more know and understand?
how it feels to starve all day?
how it feels to be homeless?
how it feels to have nothing but faith?
if it yes,maybe all peoples should feel how it feels to be poor first before they become rich.

every people should learn,
how it feels to have nothing but faith.

but of course we do not have to be poor to care to others.
if only we are more compassionate to others.
if only we use more heart.
if only we give a little love to everything.
if only....................

and the last,here is a song that describe current mood.